Managed Print Services


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Managed Print Services

Do you know what the total cost of printing is in your organisation? Do you have the experience and knowledge to control your print costs?

Many companies are often unaware of these business expenses. Industry research shows that the costs of total document output can be as much as 6 percent of your total annual revenue. Through managed print services, our customers gain visibility and control of their print spending, helping them free-up budget to focus on key projects that can improve overall business efficiency.

Managed print services are not just for large companies. Deltone Solutions specialise in delivering cost savings and efficiency for companies of all sizes. We match our expertise to your specific business needs


What Is Managed Print Services

You may know Managed Print Services as simply support and maintenance that incorporates the costs of parts, toner and consumables. At Deltone Solutions this style of service is a standard offering with any multifunction device and helps businesses to predict their monthly print costs through a cost per print.

On top of this we offer a comprehensive Managed Print Service solution which is able to meet your specific requirements, whether that be focused on optimising your device use or delivering company-wide reports.

Our service, Deltone Managed Print Services, can respond to the changing nature of today’s business environment and help your organization get the most out of your print devices and take control of costs.

Deltone Managed Print Services removes the headaches in managing print devices by providing proactive support, a helpdesk for a wide range of the printers you may have onsite, regular assessment and ongoing device optimisation. In addition, we help your business communicate and implement the changes across your business. Enabled by an advanced technology backbone, Deltone Managed Print Services also provides comprehensive reporting to enable decision making and to help you visualise our performance.


Why Choose Deltone Managed Print Services?

You don’t have to be a large corporation to save up to 30% on your document costs with print management services. We help small to large businesses achieve similar results.

Your Deltone Managed Print Services solution can expose previously unknown costs of ownership, even ones that are managed over many different budget lines.

By using document management software that automatically defines and controls which type of device and how a document is printed, cost-per-copy, paper and consumables can be dramatically reduced. We’ll also help your staff change their print behaviour by establishing a clearly defined print policy specific to your organisation’s needs.



How Does Deltone Managed Print Services Work?

Deltone Solutions’ managed print services clients are enjoying the benefits of reduced print costs, increased efficiency, enhanced security and sustainability. We can help you uncover hidden opportunities and achieve similar benefits in your organisation. We undertake a business assessment and implementation process, second to none in the industry.

We adopt a suite of analysis tools and processes to get to the heart of your print management requirements. Our approach is defined in 4 phases:

1. Assess your requirements in detail

2. Design a solution that matches your current requirements and will adapt and grow with your business

3. Implement your solution efficiently and effectively

4. Manage the running of your print efficiently.

We can provide a holistic approach to print management right across your organisation, providing a clearer picture so you can make more informed decisions about print and document usage.



Expert Solutions To Technical Problems

Our expert team of printer technicians will be able to help you out with any problems you have with your printer issues. Contact us and we will have a team sent out to your location to get you back up and running in no time.

We Stock The Best Brands

We stock and supply you with consumables for all the major brands. We strive to bring the best in quality at the best prices to our customers.